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Shoals Marine Lab

Tygostudios Productions
has worked with Shoals Marine Lab (SML)
since 2006. This job has expanded
significantly over the years,
culminating in a large scale fiber optic and Wi-Fi network deployment to the lab's remote Appledore Island location under a NSF FSML grant. Increased network capacity has allowed for development of remote monitoring applications including wind speed monitoring, solar energy monitoring, and a 24/7 PTZ livestream.

In 2017, additional technology was deployed: a tern monitoring PTZ camera on Seavey Island with solar power and a high speed wireless connection back to Appledore Island. This work was completed in parternship with SML Engineering, Radius Vision and Ameresco.

Appledore Island

Appledore Camera

Appledore Dock Screenshot

Seavey Island

Seavey Camera

Seavey Camera View